Thanks for your help with our move!

macon st sign.jpg

With your help we've moved to 1200 N. Macon St.

Thank you, thank you!  To our volunteer packers and movers, for assembling, loading, wrapping, taping, stickering and labeing all of those those boxes; for lifting, stacking, unstacking and lifting again all of that lumber; for breathing in that sawdust, straining your backs, and enduring the cold; and for doing all of the above with smiles on your faces, we thank you.  For all of the encouraging words about our new building and the kind words about the  good times we shared  in our old building, we thank you.  You’ve  gone way beyond anything in the definition of friendship.  Thank you, thank you!  

Thanks also to our neighboring Highlandtown businesses who kept our volunteers filled with food and drink during our moving days:  DiPasquale's Italian Deli, Hoehn's Bakery, High Grounds Coffee & Monument City Brewing.    We're a bit north of Highlandtown now, but we'll be back often.

And to our staff,  Bob, Cami, Danielle, Joe, Matt, Will, Matt & Ryan for hanging in there through the upheaval. We're all ready to get back to work!